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Always look your best on a video call with these portable lighting options from Hypop

“Work from home” turned out to be a lot of Zoom and Teams meetings for many of us, but with Hypop’s Lume Cube mini video conferencing light and Ruby clip-on light ring from 6 inches, you can always put your best face forward. In fact, give yourself a glow whether you’re working out or not.

hypop specializes in providing the best tools to bring out your greatest creativity, and these two lighting options will really give you what you pay for.

When you think of video conferencing lighting, you might imagine something big and tall, shining down on you from above against a background – making your brow sweat and taking an hour to disassemble and pack up into a carry bag. . That’s not the case here.

Instead, the Lume Cube Mini Panel Video Conferencing Light and Ruby Ring Light are both remarkably light and portable – the light panel weighs just 85g – yet both provide bright illumination in defiance of their size.

Let’s start with the Lume Cube Video Conferencing Kit. It is a 9.1 x 5.6 x 1.3 cm LCD display with 60 LEDs that combine to provide a color temperature ranging from 3200K to 5600K and controllable brightness from 1% to 100%. It’s battery-powered – charged by USB-C – and you control power, temperature and brightness with a simple knob and dial. The unit includes a display so you know what you’re tuned to and, most importantly, how much range you have. It’s quite fascinating to see the battery life change as you experiment with the settings, from 1.2 hours on the highest brightness to 10 hours on the darkest settings.

lume cube video conferencing lighting kit

It’s rectangular, so it’s easy to install, but the package also includes a suction cup mount with an adjustable screw so you can attach the camera wherever you want – on the back of your monitor or on the side; the wall, a desk, anywhere that works.

It’s incredibly bright and effortlessly portable – so much so that it’s truly indispensable for your webcam and video conferencing needs – or, if you like, your mobile Tik Tok and Instagram action. With the Lume Cube video conferencing kit, there’s no reason not to have perfect lighting wherever you are.

iTWire found extremely useful and remarkably usable. It’s very effective and we’ve found it even doubles as a torch, it’s so bright.

Take a look at it in action here:

Meanwhile, the Hypop 6″ Ruby Ring Light is, as its name suggests, a circular light. It contains 48 individual LED lights around its ring providing plenty of light sources that give even illumination on your face.

It sports a clip to attach to your tablet or phone, monitor, laptop panel or desk up to 3.5cm thick. It’s truly clip-and-go and can be used in-situ or wherever you fancy. It’s USB powered with no battery but can draw from the devices you clip it to.

The Ruby Ring Light is color adjustable from 3200K to 5600K (natural daylight). It can be ready when you are and when you need it, ensuring all your calls are well-lit.

6 inch ruby ​​clip ring light

Like the Lume Cube panel, the Ruby light is portable and can be set up and used in seconds. Although you can attach it to your desk, it is really designed for portable devices and although iTWire tested it on the most serious and noble lenses, my daughter quickly claimed it for making videos and chat with friends and love the clarity it brings while making her feel like a top notch influencer or recording star.

Ultimately, these two Hypop options are the type of things you never realized you needed in your life. However, if your remote work experience is anything like mine, you’re stuck on endless Zoom calls and Teams meetings and these lighting options will make you look fresh, lively and vibrant.

It doesn’t matter if you work and call late at night or during the day. It doesn’t matter if your office has a window or not, a ceiling light or not, or even if you’re in the office. Hypop’s lighting options will always make you shine. Both offer a high degree of flexibility and freedom in how you position them and provide lighting options you might never have thought were available outside of a studio.

The Hypop Lume Cube Video Conferencing Kit has an MSRP of $119.99 and the Hypop 6 “Ruby” Clip-on Ring Light has an MSRP of $27.99.