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Andhra Pradesh: Police victims of video call from MP, alleges TDP

Telugu Desam Party (TDP) Political Bureau Member V. Anita has alleged that the police have been made a scapegoat by the YSR Congress Party government in the explicit video call case involving MP Gorantla Madhav. Referring to the press conference held by Anantapur Superintendent of Police Fakeerappa Kaginelli on the case, the TDP leader alleged that he was coerced into speaking to the media.

Ms. Anita wondered if the DGP agreed with the statements made by the SP. “The SP did not deny that it was not about Madhav in the leaked music video. He also said the leaked clip was not the original video and that the original video clip would be needed for examination in the forensic lab. But the Home Secretary claims the video was sent to the forensic laboratory. The two statements are contradictory,” Ms Anita alleged.

Forensic tests of the MP’s mobile phone would reveal the truth, the TDP leader said, wondering what stopped the MP from filing a police complaint if he was innocent of any wrongdoing. The PA Women’s Commission should investigate the matter, she added.

Ms Anita alleged that the Chief Minister was trying to protect the MP. “The TDP will meet with the Governor and the Union Home Secretary in this regard and will continue to fight for justice until action is taken against the MP,” she said.

In a separate press conference, TDP Putcha leaders Vijay Kumar, Areti Mahesh, Budumuri Govind and P. Jayaraj demanded that the accused MP’s phone be investigated for the original video. They alleged that the SP was “reading a script given by YSRCP adviser Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy and YS Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy”.

They felt that if action had been taken when similar complaints had been made in the past against a former minister and a serving minister, the incident would not have happened.

In a separate statement, Telugu Nadu Students’ Federation (TNSF) State Chairman, MV Pranav Gopal said the people of the state knew that the ruling party was trying to shield the accused MP.