Video call

BF trying to convince angry GF via video call, is dead!

Patna: Heartbreaking news has emerged from Bihar in which a young man took to social media to convince his girlfriend in the flooded area adjoining the capital Patna, but the move proved fatal for him. After this shocking incident, the police set up a morgue and launched other actions.

According to reports received from the police, a man living in Rupas village below the Athamalgola police station area, which was flooded, had gone to his room after having dinner late on Wednesday evening. After entering the room, he made a video call to his girlfriend from the phone. The two talked for a while. Then the two argued about something. When the girlfriend was angry, the young man tried to convince her, but she disagreed, so the man said to go live on a video call and hang himself.

When GF’s anger wasn’t over, the man took the gallows and made the video to put it around his neck. In this hour-long show, the man began a inhabit video of the hanging. Suddenly, the phone falls from his hand and lost his life during the hanging. According to the police, after the mobile was released from the hand of the man, he wanted to grab it. But because of this, the noose around his neck hanging from the fan was pulled and he lost his life. After the incident, the young woman, who was talking on the angry video call, called the neighbor and informed him. The neighbors then reported the matter to his house. Later, when the family peeked into the man’s bedroom through the window, he found he was hanging from the snare. The case is now being investigated by the police.

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