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Cameo Live lets you video call celebrities for 10 minutes

Have you always dreamed of meeting your favorite celebrity in real life? Now you can. However, there is a catch; you’ll meet them on a video call via Cameo Live.

With this new Cameo feature, you can now have the conversation of your dreams with your favorite celebrity and maybe even get them to say your name. This new feature started rolling out on August 18.

This isn’t Cameo’s first live video though. In 2020, the company released the now-completed Cameo Zoom. Like Cameo Live, it also featured 10-minute video calls, but via Zoom.

The new Cameo Live is a little different

The new celebrity video calling service was announced via a blog post. The company, which prides itself on creating authentic fan experiences, features Cameo Live as part of its Cameo 2.0 initiative.

Cameo Live will allow you to come face to face with your heroes. For example, you can book pro wrestling legend Mick Foley for a 10-minute DM or live video call.

However, there is no fixed price for this celebrity dating service. Costs can range from tens of dollars for DMs to thousands of dollars for live calls, depending on the celebrity.

For DMs, there is no guarantee of response. Fans can book a call on Cameo Live website by selecting three dates and time slots.

There will be no pre-recorded calls with Cameo Live. However. Gizmodo reports that the celebrity can actually decline a call, or leave a call in progress and block users.

Will Cameo Live be a success?

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Honestly, a 10 minute video call sounds awesome from a fan and celebrity perspective. But, obviously, the price is an issue.

In cases where you care about money, Cameo Live lets you bring nine more friends, which means you can potentially split the bill ten ways. It also helps if things get awkward or you’re overawed.

In 2021, Cameo Calls ended its 2-Minute Celebrity Calling service, just like it did with Cameo Zoom. Earlier this year, the company also discontinued its celebrity Q&A service.

TikTok also tested a Cameo-like feature. Will Cameo Live also die or quickly fade away like previous appearances? Time will tell us.

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