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Carly Pearce shares heartwarming video call she had with Ashley McBryde

Carly Pearce shared the video call she had with Ashley McBryde as the singer-songwriters celebrated a milestone for their hit duo – and the call is incredibly heartwarming.

“Never Wanted To Be That Girl” is one of 15 tracks on Pearce’s fan-favorite album, 29: Written in Stone. The duo see two women struggling with grief as they realize they are both in a relationship with the same man. Now that they have a No. 1 song, Pearce called McBryde and gushed to the call that she shared on TikTok“I’m so happy to have this song with you and it’s just… I don’t know! I’m so proud to have this song with you.

McBryde, who scored her first No. 1 song with “I never wanted to be that girlreplied that she would never forget writing the song with Pearce and Shane McAnally, and the trust they all had in each other with their ideas. “No. 1s happen often. First times happen once. My first is with you,” McBryde told Pearce. “I can’t imagine it being better than my first time with a sister I love so much. .”

“I’ve always loved your voice. I’ve always loved the way you sang and the way you wrote, and I’m so proud to have this song with you,” Pearce replied. “I can’t believe this is your first number 1 but congratulations on your first number 1. And I love you and can’t wait to hug you and get drunk cause we deserve it .”

Celebrating the milestone, Pearce – who is no stranger to the candor of her hard-hitting songwriting – took to Instagram to reminisce about the song’s journey from writing it to seeing it go No. were just in the moment, thinking about the women we want to be and the way that’s not always the way life and love goes. But no one ever stopped long enough to think about having a #1 record or win an Academy of Country Music Award,” Pearce wrote. “Sometimes something bad produces something good. …Ashley, I’m so proud to call you my friend, my sister and I’ll be forever grateful for this song that brings us together. I’m going to cry for the 100th time! ♥️ 🥲”

McBryde followed suit, share“First times only happen once. I will always remember that I was in Leeds, England when I heard the news. I will always wish that Carly and I were able to ride together on this rocket of a song. I will always wish that she, Shane and I trusted each other to be brutally honest when we wrote it. It doesn’t get much better than that. »

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