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Cellebrite launches the industry’s first remote mobile device data collection solution

PETAH TIKVAH, Israel, September 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Cellebrite DI, Ltd. (NASDAQ: CLBT) (“Cellebrite”), a leader in digital intelligence (DI) solutions for the public and private sectors, today announced the launch of mobile remote data collection for Cellebrite Endpoint Inspector, the latest update to its premier cloud-based remote collection solution for eDiscovery and enterprise investigations. It is the first solution on the market capable of remotely retrieving evidence from iOS and Android mobile devices and Mac and Windows computers.

The introduction of remote mobile device data collection is the latest step in Cellebrite’s efforts to meet the growing needs of enterprise organizations for enterprise investigations, eDiscovery and incident response with an integrated endpoint intelligence solution that improves their ability to act quickly against industry threats. – advanced data collection and analysis capabilities that are simple, effective and efficient.

“We focused on simplifying the employee experience when collecting data and deployed our domain expertise to design Endpoint Inspector to automate the complexity of the collection process and limit business disruption” , said Ken Basore, GM Enterprise Solutions, Cellebrite. “In companies that deploy Endpoint Inspector, employees no longer need to hand in their device or spend hours with internal support staff to follow complex procedures. We are excited to be able to bring this value to our enterprise customers. in life sciences, banking and insurance, and other industries.

The ability to unify data collection from computers and mobile devices has come at a critical time for businesses, with several emerging trends putting pressure on enterprise investigations and the eDiscovery process:

  • Employees depend on personal devices for work: A third (33%) of people use a personal device such as a computer or smartphone to facilitate working from home. Cellebrite’s new mobile remote collection capability can collect evidence from devices inside or outside an organization’s IT network, ensuring that this vital information doesn’t go missing.
  • Critical communication moves to messaging apps: 73% of employees revealed that they use mobile and consumer messaging apps like WhatsApp for work purposes. Cellebrite’s new mobile remote collection capabilities allow investigators and eDiscovery professionals to collect this information and create a richer, more complete picture of events.
  • The workforce is more and more distributed: The rise of remote work has also led to distributed teams scattered across geographies and locations. Cellebrite’s remote solution reduces the time and financial impact of collecting data from these employees, reducing the cost and inconvenience of shipping or couriering devices.

Basore continued, “Corporate investigators are under great pressure, now facing the added challenge of finding data to support cases of a geographically dispersed hybrid workforce, which uses more devices and messaging services than ever before for business communications. Today’s announcement underscores the strategic importance of Cellebrite’s cloud capabilities and our commitment to ensuring that enterprise investigators can adapt to a hybrid workforce. »

Cellebrite has built safeguards into the solution, including its Smart Collections feature, which ensures that only information relevant to the investigation is pulled from any device. Employees must provide explicit consent before their data is collected and a record of this consent is automatically created as part of the discovery process for auditing purposes.

This new solution is available for purchase immediately. For more information or to request a demo of the solution, visit

About Cellebrite
Cellebrite’s (Nasdaq: CLBT) mission is to enable its customers to protect and save lives, expedite justice and preserve privacy in communities around the world. Cellebrite is the global leader in digital intelligence solutions for the public and private sectors, enabling organizations to master the complexities of legally sanctioned digital investigations by streamlining intelligence processes. Trusted by thousands of leading agencies and enterprises in over 140 countries, Cellebrite’s digital intelligence platform and solutions are transforming the way clients collect, review, analyze and manage data in investigations sanctioned by law. To find out more, visit and

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