Chat with Blue Line Deli Owner Donald Rosner

As bad as the New York Islanders’ season has been, UBS Arena is beautiful and offers a different viewing experience than most arenas in the NHL. The food amenities are excellent, and Huntington’s Blue Line Deli has teamed up with Shaq’s Big Chicken to have a unique sandwich called “The Islander”.

I sat down and spoke with Blue Line Deli owner Donald Rosner.

1) Tell us about Blue Line Deli, what it is and what it stands for.

“Blue Line is a classic old fashioned grocery store where we promote quality food, friendly service, cleanliness and a great environment for all! Hockey fans are encouraged to wear their favorite team’s gear and come talk hockey! the charitable collaborations that we have made, you asked what we stand for … to be there for others, especially when someone is in need. We’re not rich by any means, but I would give the shirt off my back to anyone who needed it.I’m not sure we’ve earned it yet … but I want to make it happen. Community, love, positivity, happiness, support. That’s what we believe in here. “

– Donald rosner

2) Why do you think charcuterie is popular?

“I think the deli has survived until now because of the amazingness of this community. Islanders and hockey fans have kept us and the surrounding neighborhood continuing here and I would like to believe that is because we have good food, good service and the community believes in our message. It really goes straight to my heart when I see our community coming together for a common goal. There are so many people who want to help. It inspires me every day. “

– Donald rosner

3) Tell us about the new location you are opening.

“So I partnered up with my uncle and we turned his shop in East Islip into a Blue Line Deli. I’m really looking forward ! “

– Donald rosner

4) How did you get into the UBS Arena?

“I entered the UBS Arena after years of working with the Islanders and a lot of money! I approached them about it shortly after they started building the arena. We had a lot of meetings about it and after many negotiations, we came to an agreement. “

– Donald rosner

5) How did the collaboration with Shaq come about?

“A few months ago Big Chicken contacted me and asked if I would be interested in working with them as they were looking to make a signature sandwich that had a New York flavor. I suggested we put their chicken on our bagels, they really liked the idea, and sent them bagels to their office in Vegas for them to experiment. A few months later, I’m standing next to Shaq chatting pretty amazing food!

– Donald rosner

Do you think the Islanders are going to turn things around this year and have another Stanley Cup run?

“13 road games, half the squad with Covid and injury, a new home with all the new situations to adapt to … I think this team will be fine. It was a very strange start for them , and I really mean it. I believe they are going to make the playoffs this year and compete for the cup. I think they are just starting to get into their rhythm now. We have the best coach in the world, he’s going to be them. start! “

– Donald rosner

You can go to Blue Line Deli in Huntington at 719 W Jericho Turnpike. Don’t forget to check out ‘The Islander’ sandwich the next time you go to UBS Arena!