Chat with the Chancellor | New

With the start of the semester already fast approaching, Chancellor Steven Angle talks about the exciting developments happening on campus and his appreciation for the UTC community.

“A fun day [for me] is to walk across campus and see Chamberlain Field full of students, having fun, playing Frisbee and just enjoying being on campus,” Angle said.

Following a successful Welcome Week with some of the biggest event attendances, Angle hopes students will continue to take advantage of UTC’s upcoming events and resources.

“We want [our students] be involved and engaged,” Angle said. “A big part of a college education is not just the classroom experience and what you learn, but also the clubs, organizations, and projects you do. Do something for fun and do something that relates to a career. Whether it’s research, being on The Echo or volunteering in the community.

With Homecoming and Founders Week activities fast approaching, students will have no shortage of events to attend. Angle hopes the students will feel “a bit more pushed and then they’ll meet people and get involved and engaged and that will continue throughout the semester.”

According to Angle, the freshman class of 2022 is the second largest the university has seen, second only to the freshman class of 2019.

“This new class of students is going to add a lot and shape the personality of UTC and how we are perceived by our community and other and future students,” Angle said.

From our new mocs flocking Finley to old ones returning for Homecoming, there are plenty of exciting opportunities to come this semester.

While reflecting on all things UTC, Angle said, “It’s truly an honor to be invited into student life to be a part of it. I feel like what we do as a university, as faculty and staff, as alumni supporters, really matters and makes a difference. It gives students the opportunity to find themselves, who they want to be and where they want to go. We try to do our best, and we’re really lucky to be in Chattanooga because it’s a great community and a place to be.