Chatting on the go: Should we stop or is it too drastic a call?

You know all they say about being distracted in a car by passengers, infotainment screens not behaving on their own, etc. ?

uh, i just wondered.

How much do you think “distracted” means when you’re driving?

I’ll tell you why I’m asking the question – I don’t have an answer – because I think it’s relevant to the whole area of ​​driver behavior.

Here’s what got me thinking.

A few times in the past week I found myself distracted by just talking to someone on the phone (don’t worry, it was hands free) while driving around Dublin.

I was so distracted that I missed a few intersections. Yes, it was nice to chat with a great friend and catch up. But should I have let him distract me?

One of the misfires made me extremely anxious as when I exited at the next M50 junction I was in uncharted waters.

And I had gone from being on time to meet certain people to dealing with the embarrassment of being late and holding them back.

I’m telling you this because I felt a bit panicked for about a minute until I figured out how to get to where I originally wanted to go.

It was not a pleasant feeling.

Now, I love chatting while driving – mostly – but I’m not so sure anymore. I know a lot of people do huge amounts of business on the phone while driving.

Am I alone with this flaw? Should I completely stop talking on the phone? It would be drastic.

But is it a fair price to pay?

I have to admit I’ve made the same mistake in the past, but two in the space of a few days seemed odd to me.

Or has this happened to you? Let me know?