Chatting on WhatsApp with someone you don’t have in your contacts is very easy with this app

WhatsApp is completely contact-based: it’s possible to chat with people you don’t have in your contacts using a website or special apps, but it’s not a very comfortable system. If you need to talk frequently with someone that you don’t have in your contacts, with this app you can create a handy shortcut.

With WhatsApp you can create shortcuts to chat with your contacts, but if you want create a shortcut for someone who is not in your contacts, you will need help. You can do this either with a free app like Click to Chat, or from WhatsApp itself, after starting the chat.

Direct access to a contactless chat with an application

For some reason, you need to talk to someone on WhatsApp, but you can’t or don’t want to add their data to your phone contacts. One way to keep the chat handy is to use a specialized app like Click to Chat. This application allows you to create direct access to a WhatsApp chat with someone you don’t have in contact with.

It’s a very simple app that doesn’t have ads and doesn’t even take up the entire screen: when you open it, it appears as a floating window. In this one you must enter phone number, in addition to the international prefix, then display the options using the down arrow. Then choose Direct access then it will be time for the mobile launcher to let you easily add the shortcut anywhere.

Direct access includes app icon and phone number, although if you are using a launcher like Nova Launcher, you can change the name and its icon with a long key and pressing the pencil icon.

When opening this shortcut, a WhatsApp chat opens with the phone number, although not having saved it in your contacts, the chat will appear without the name. Whether you can see the profile picture, last login time, and information will depend on the other person’s privacy options and whether they have you in their Contacts.

Click to chat [ligero, sin anuncios]

Click to chat [ligero, sin anuncios]

  • Developer: Triangle and
  • Download it on: Google play
  • Price: To free
  • Category: Tools

Also from the cat itself

If you don’t want to install any special apps for this, you can do the same from WhatsApp, but on one condition: that there is already an open cat. The chat does not need to have any content: that is, it can be empty after opening it with the Click to chat application itself which we talked about previously, or with the old trick of using the website of

With the chat open, use the WhatsApp menu, tap More and select To create a shortcut. It will then be your mobile launcher’s turn to process the request and show you how you can add the shortcut to the home screen.


If you already have an open chat with this person who is not in Contacts, you can create a shortcut from WhatsApp, which in this case displays the profile picture (on the right)

This method will create a shortcut that show profile picture of the contact, although the name will always be the phone number. The advantage of using this method is that you don’t need to maintain an additional app to perform this simple task.