Chatting with Emma Hewitt: Queen of Trance Music

Emma Hewitt. Photo credit: Aaron’s Walls

Trance music queen Emma Hewitt talked about her new solo single “Into Your Arms” and Markus Schulz’s remix.

How was “Into Your Arms” born?

“Into My Arms” was released in sections at different times, before becoming a full song.

At first it was a melody that kept haunting me as I walked the streets where I lived in Hollywood, it was crudely sung with nonsense words into my phone, where it remained for some time.

Then, during the lockdowns, I found myself separated from my loved ones, wondering when and if I would ever be reunited with many of them in this life. The song was over, with that feeling of nostalgia for those familiar faces, but with the hope that, in some form or another, we would meet again.

The initial bones of the instrumental were based on a demo given to me by Robert Koch, we thought the idea fit this music perfectly.

Then we (my brother, myself and our friend and colleague Tim Henwood) worked on lots of live parts with organic instruments to create the soundscape we heard in our heads, we also had amazing drums played by Pete Marin, who really bought the sensation live.

I love the Markus Schulz remix… how was it?

Thanks! Ah me too ! Markus is unreal and a great friend, I played him the original song and he really felt it. I knew he would have the perfect musical vision and style to create something that would stay true to the slightly melancholic yet hopeful feel of the lyrics.

It was definitely a song that suited the slightly darker side of Markus, it couldn’t be too happy. When I first heard Markus’ mix, I loved it so much it brought tears to my eyes! He succeeded!

What is your favorite song in your catalog?

I’m not sure of my favorites, to be honest. Really, my time with songs is when I write them and record them, and then I’m in the moment, fully with each one of them.

The songs each become my favorites during this creative process, as I live inside of them. Once they’re done and released, it’s like my time with the song is over and I’m on to the next one. I rarely revisit them.

What are your plans for the future? (All new music in the works)

Definitely new music in the works! I still have a few singles coming out before the full album, all with killer remixes! Then we finish the next EP with Elysian.

After that, I may look at other collaborations as well as more acoustic music. I really want to add acoustic shows around the club shows as well.

If you had to have a superpower, what would it be and why?

Teleportation ! So I can pop in and out to grab margaritas and chat with my best friends and family anytime, anywhere in the world!

What does the word success mean to you? (My favorite question)

To me, success means living your purpose. Do the thing you feel like you came here to do and do your best for it. Have a positive impact on the people you meet along the way and enjoy the process of life along the journey.

What would you like to tell our readers about “Into Your Arms”? (What is the only thing you want them to get out of it)

I feel like every song can morph and change meaning, depending on who’s listening to it and what they’re going through at the time. So I hope that if someone identifies with something in the song, they will connect to it in their own way and find the meaning that fits their own situation.

I would also like maybe people to take the message to appreciate every little moment we spend with the people who are dear to us.

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