ELECTION SPECIAL: Chat with One Nation candidate Glen Cookson

Glen Cookson is the one-nation federal nominee for Rankin’s seat. He’s an auto technician who ran in the last state election for the Springwood seat.

Here is a discussion we had with Glen on the phone:

Glen, what motivated you to run for Rankin’s seat?

I have lived in Rankin for quite a long time, work there and live there. It’s a great area

You are an automotive technician by trade. What prompted you to get into politics?

I’m sick of the government trying to push us around and trample on our freedoms.

What do you think are the most important issues for your community?

“Certainly the mandates, we have to get rid of them and the cost of living keeps going up as a result of the last couple of years.

You are a fierce opponent of the Paris climate agreement. We know climate change is happening, so why is the Paris Agreement a bad deal?

It takes away all of our overseas manufacturing. He went to the door and abroad. We need to bring manufacturing back to Australia.

Do you think we could consider more climate-friendly alternatives to coal mining with job protection in mind? Battery farms and wind turbines are solutions that have been studied in South Australia. Should coal be the solution?

Yeah, coal has to be the solution. Other countries use our coal, why can’t we use it ourselves. Australia must take advantage of its own natural resources. Other countries like Saudi Arabia profit from their oil, so why can’t we profit from our natural resources like them.

You also think that Australia should withdraw from the UN Refugee Convention and say that immigration should be reduced. Given that refugees make up such a small proportion of our immigration, why are they important?

If they are genuine refugees I have no problem with that, but you cannot continue to let the floodgates open and immigrants flow into Australia.

If they benefit society, that’s absolutely great, you can enter the job market here, but we just can’t open the floodgates like the other parties want because we just don’t have the infrastructure here.

Logan is a multicultural community, but crime is also an issue here. What questions would a one-nation government led by Hanson ask potential immigrants?

What can you bring to this country, and how will you benefit Australia?

Should ethnicity be a factor when processing immigration applications?

No it does not matter. If you can improve this country, then I’m all for it.

What sets you apart from this group of applicants?

We are probably the first freedom party.

Yes, what are your warrant policies?

Withdraw money orders immediately. Obviously, as a candidate, I don’t have access to our entire policy, but personally, I’d like to see mandates removed altogether so that people on the front lines can get back to work, no questions asked.

In terms of freedom parties, the United Australia Party led by Clive Palmer fields candidates in all 151 constituencies. What makes you different from them?

We have been around for 20 years now. We’re pretty well established, we’re not going to fly by the seat of our pants.

A few election signs were stolen from you, right?

Yeah. A few broke in the post and some were stolen.

Do you know who is responsible?

No idea, without video footage we can’t say. It could be anyone.

How can people get in touch with you to talk about politics, as we do now?

They can call me on my campaign phone, and I’m dating around the place I put on my Facebook page