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Google plans to equip ChromeOS with background blur and video calling tools

Google will soon release a background blur feature for ChromeOS.

Google plans to add many features to ChromeOS that will help improve the quality of video calls.

Due to the pandemic, video calls have increased. People are increasingly taking both business and personal calls. These calls have changed the way many people work and interact, opening up new behavior among their users for several years.

Google is aware that most users now use apps such as Meet, Zoom, Skype, Discord and other widely used apps for video calling.

With this, Google plans to explore and release new features that will improve user experience.

Google’s Background Blur for ChromeOS

Google plans to implement a background blur feature using machine learning. According 9To5Googlethat means it will only be available on new ChromeOS devices.

There are different apps that offer their own unique ways to improve the quality of their video calls. Some apps have enhanced video call settings, like allowing users to change their background, blur their surroundings, adjust lighting, add filters, and more.

Meanwhile, some newer devices, such as Macs with Apple Silicon, come with built-in video effects such as portrait blur and Center Stage crop features that are compatible with all apps that use the camera on the device.

As can be seen in the latest source code from Google, the project is now underway. Additionally, it looks like Google’s ChromeOS team is working to recreate the built-in video camera effects found in macOS.

Things will start with the introduction of an in-built background blur option, which is expected to be released alongside a new feature that the company will introduce.

Google is currently testing background blur on Chromebooks with Intel’s 12th and 11th generation processors.

In addition to this, it is reported that the company will release not only the improved background blur feature but also additional features that users can use on Pixel mobile devices and other software.

The company is heavily rumored to be working on an auto-framing feature that’s similar to what Google Duo offers. A Googler also mentioned that he was testing the Portrait Lighting effect built into the Google Camera on Pixel phones.

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Google Meet improves visual effects

Google recently rolled out another enhancement to its Meet software that is also part of its initiative to improve the video calling experience for its customers.

The tech company recently released one of the most anticipated features, improving the quality of background visual effects. It might not be the direct background blur or auto-framing built into ChromeOS, but the effort seems to be rolling out sooner.

According chrome without box“When using Google Meet on the web, background effects will now be more accurate thanks to improvements in background and foreground separation.”

Users now have the option to blur their background, blur it, or change it to a video, image, or immersive background, which will help reduce the number of distractions that occur in meetings or make them more enjoyable.

Users also have the ability to apply styles to their videos to personalize them using a variety of color filters, styles, backgrounds, and light.

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