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How to make a video call to the Three Kings in 2022? – CVBJ

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It’s the Day of the Wise Men 2022! This Thursday, January 6 is celebrated the day when thousands of children enthusiastically await a gift from the three Sages.

If your son wants to talk to them, and you, as a father, want to give him a big surprise and a bite to eat of his gift, it would be better if they are the ones talking and asking the Three Magi for their Christmas presents.

Thanks to technological means, this is possible. There are several applications available to fulfill the dream of seeing and exchanging a few words with the Magi.

Next, we’ll walk you through how to video call or chat with the Three Kings:

• The first thing you will need to do is download the app called “Three Kings Video Call” which is available for iOS and Google Play.
• After installing it, you will be able to choose the type of communication you want with the Magi: first, we will select “Video call”.
• You will now have to answer the call and you can make the little ones talk.
• Then also make a phone call and talk to them. You should know that all forms of communication with mages is a simulation and you will have to manage so that the children do not find out and thus can enjoy the video call with the mages.

Three Wise Men – Family Video Calls:

• This Spanish application allows children to make a real-time video call with the Magician King of their choice. The way it works is by choosing one of four voice effects, available for both men and women, and the sorcerer king’s mouth gestures while speaking, as well as showcasing the facial expression and movements. of the body which can be appreciated if the mobile device has a real Depth Camera (iPhone X).

It’s available for iOs and it’s free. In addition, it has several prices for buying minutes with prices ranging from 2.29 euros for 15 minutes to 7.99 euros for an unlimited price.

Video call and chat with the Magi:

With this application, children will be able to see more realistic characters, real actors, responding to children through previously configured responses. In addition, they have the opportunity to chat with Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar. The kings call the boy and talk to him or discuss. Conversations can be saved and shared. Available free for iPad and iPhone on iTunes.

With this application, it is easy for the little ones to write the letter to the Three Kings, and they return to make a video call in which they confirm the list of requests made. Kings ask children if they behaved well to deserve the gifts.

It works by entering all personal data, as well as the unique access code that allows access to the video call. If you do not have the code, the site explains that it is enough to make a payment of 12.5 euros, that it is worth paying everything for the happiness of a child.

The Three Kings TV:

If you want your children to make a video call with the Three Kings, this site is a solidarity project, in which several NGOs and Foundations collaborate.

One of the goals is for all children to be able to video call with the Three Kings. The website has over 50,000 magical video calls for kids to choose which king to talk to. In addition, he also has the option of sending the letter online.


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