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How to optimize Diablo Immortal for your mobile device

Designing an all-mobile Diablo experience might not have been the obvious choice for the future of the Diablo franchise. But if you have decided to give the free hack and slash a try, you might face performance issues and your overall gaming experience.

Framerate, resolution, and general bugs have plagued Diablo Immortal since launch. Luckily, various tweaks and tweaks can help optimize your device to ensure you have the best gaming experience.


Check your graphics options

For the most common issues with Diablo Immortal, your first point and call is Chart options.

Reach Chart options, first make sure you Enter the world with your Diablo Immortal character. You cannot access the Chart main menu options.

Once you have loaded into the World, tap the tab icon at the top right of your screen. From here:

Hit it Settings and navigate through the menus on the left to Chart.

From Chart menus, you can see various options that adjust the performance of Diablo Immortal. For the most common performance issues, the options for Frame rate, Resolutionand Graphics settings are the most useful to you.

To help you smoothen your game, increase your Frame rate from 30FPS to 60FPS to make sure the animations and visuals work as well as possible. However, if your device is struggling to run the game at 60 FPS, it may be beneficial to lower the Frame rate define and reduce the demand that Diablo Immortal places on your mobile device.

Apart Frame ratechange the Resolution setting to help improve your viewing experience. Change your Resolution at Ultra to ensure you get the optimal amount of pixels on your screen at all times. Lower your Resolution at Down for a quick and easy way to help Diablo Immortal run more efficiently on your device.

For further optimization, the Diablo Immortal Graphics settings menu can further enhance your experience.

The Graphics settings are multiple preferences that increase or decrease the pressure Diablo Immortal exerts on your mobile device.

Graphic options like Visual effects, Fogand Bloom effect are great ways to enhance Diablo Immortal’s immersion, but demand more from your mobile device and could potentially slow down or crash the game. Go through each option to optimize your experience.

You can enable these settings On or pass them to High for a more impressive experience and transform them Stopped or pass them to Down to reduce the strain on your device.

Run the Diablo Immortal Repair Client

If you’ve checked all the potential settings that can hinder your Diablo Immortal experience, a bug or glitch with the game itself may be causing your problems.

In this case, Diablo Immortal recommends using its repair customer to help highlight and resolve issues caused by bugs. To find the repair customer:

Load Diablo Immortal Main Menu and select the small icon on the right side of the screen depicting a wrench and screwdriver.

You will then see the prompt: “the repair process will start automatically the next time you launch the game”. Hit Ok and Diablo Immortal closes automatically.

Reload the game and you will see “Repair Client” in the lower left corner of the loading screen. This ensures that your game verifies that everything works as expected and minimizes the chance of any bugs or glitches interfering with your experience.

Other Diablo Immortal Cheats and Known Issues

If you’re still having issues with your Diablo Immortal experience, it might be worth checking Blizzard’s Diablo Immortal system requirements to make sure your device can run the game.

At the time of writing, there is an issue affecting Samsung devices, such as the Galaxy S10 line, which is causing game visuals not to display properly, so beware. However, we should expect a fix later in 2022.

To complete your mobile gaming experience outside of Diablo Immortal’s game settings, connect a controller to your Android device and play with the ease and comfort of an Xbox or PlayStation. Or, if you want to capture your own gameplay or live stream Diablo Immortal, use Game Dashboard on your Android 12 device.

Use your upgraded Diablo Immortal experience

With Blizzard promising more updates and fixes for Diablo Immortal, your experience with the game should continue to improve.

Now that you know how to optimize Diablo Immortal, you can focus on mobile game optimization and engage in the growing movement that is the mobile game industry.