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How to Use Google Meet on a Mobile Device

You can use Google Meet for virtual meetings on a phone or tablet. Check out this walkthrough to see how it works.

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In addition to using Google Meet for video conferencing on your PC, you can use the mobile app to join meetings via your phone or tablet. With the Google Meet app for iOS/iPadOS or Android, you can schedule a meeting, start an instant meeting, or join a meeting via code. Once the meeting has started, you can share your screen, view captions, and chat with other participants.

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If you don’t already have Google Meet on your mobile device, download it for an iPhone or iPad from the Apple App Store and for an Android device from Google Play. Launch the app and grant it the necessary permissions for your camera and microphone. Confirm the account you want to use if prompted.

The main screen gives you two options: New Meeting and Join with Code. Let’s first look at creating a new meeting. Press the button for New Meeting. To schedule a meeting, tap the Schedule link in Google Calendar (Figure A).

Figure A

Scheduling a meeting.

In Google Calendar, tap the day you want to schedule the meeting and fill in all the meeting details, including name, people you want to invite, location, and description (Figure B).

Figure B

Fill in the meeting details.

From Google Calendar, you can drag and drop a meeting and position it at a different date and time if you want to change it. Guests will be notified by email of the schedule change. When you’re done, tap Save (Figure C).

Figure C

Using the calendar for planning.

When the meeting day and time arrives, open the Google Meet app and tap the meeting name. Then tap Join to start it (Figure D).

Figure D

Tap Join to start the meeting.

To start an instant meeting instead, tap the New Meeting button, then select Start Instant Meeting. On the meeting screen, tap the Share invitation button, then select the people and methods you want to use to invite others (Figure E).

Figure E

Share the invite.

Alternatively, if someone else starts the meeting, you should have received an invite or at least a code to join. Either way, click the link or enter the code to join the meeting (Figure F).

Figure F

Click the link or enter the code to join the meeting.

Once the meeting has started and all participants have joined, you can use the mobile app controls to enable certain key features. Tap the three-dot icon at the bottom of the screen. If you are the meeting host, you will see a variety of options (G-figure).


Meeting host options.

  • Tap Add others to invite others to the meeting.
  • Tap Incoming messages to send a message to others on a call.
  • Tap Share Screen to broadcast your entire screen to other meeting participants.
  • Tap Show Captions to show captions for anyone in the meeting’s speech.
  • Tap Report a problem to report technical issues with the call or app to Google.
  • Tap Report Abuse to report any unwanted or disruptive people who joined the meeting without your permission.
  • Tap Host controls to manage whether other people in the meeting can share their screen, send messages, and turn on their microphone and video.
  • Finally, tap Settings to control video in low light and enable or disable live captions.