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Malaysian bride walks through wedding reception via video call after testing positive for Covid-19 the day before | The life

A Malaysian bride attended her wedding reception via video call after testing positive for Covid-19 just the day before. ― Screenshot by TikTok/Kak Lehaa

KUALA LUMPUR, March 3 ― A Malaysian bride attended her own wedding reception via video call after testing positive for Covid-19.

A video shared via an abbreviated mobile video app, TikTok by user Kak Lehaa, shared online, showed the groom posing on their bridal platform accompanied by a laptop with the bride visibly seen onscreen.

The bride, Fazliana Sjafni, who wore her bridal attire during the video call, said MStar that she tested positive for Covid-19 just the day before they received them at Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur last Sunday.

“I tested positive on Saturday morning and had to go into home quarantine. Of course I’m sad.

“However, I accepted that it was God’s will and it was meant for us,” she said.

The 28-year-old added that Jalan Ampang’s wedding reception was for the groom’s side and they had their celebration on February 22 this year.

Taking a year to plan the entire reception, Fazliana was even more heartbroken to learn that her beloved husband had to live their big day alone.

“Of course I’m saddened that my husband had to walk to the bridal stand alone and that I wasn’t there to accompany him to our wedding reception.

“It’s an important day for us because none of us had seen or been in the reception hall even after our celebration,” she said.

Despite the circumstances, Fazliana said the show had to go on as all the preparations had been made and she didn’t want to put anyone in danger just by attending even though it was her own reception.

Not to disappoint guests, Fazliana went the extra mile by donning her full bridal outfit complete with makeup and “joining” her hubby via video calling app, Facetime.

“I didn’t want to be selfish. As I am quarantined at home, I also didn’t want to disappoint our guests.

“At least they can still see the bride. My husband also told me not to be sad even if we couldn’t be together on this special day, Allah’s planning is better,” she said.

Fazliana and her husband have known each other for 12 years and the couple were grateful that everything went well on their special day, even though she couldn’t physically be there.

Following their wedding reception video circulating on TikTok which was taken down, Fazliana shared that they received negative responses from social media users regarding their reception.

“I accidentally read a negative comment saying what we were doing was for fun and for content purposes. Better to just ask than make wild guesses.

“We had no choice but to change our plans at the last minute. What happened was not our intentions, it was Allah’s will,” she said.