Man kills himself as wife breaks phone to chat with woman | Chennai News

Chennai: In a bizarre incident, a young employee of a private company hanged himself in his home, after his wife broke his mobile phone and berated him for talking with a woman.
Police said the victim, identified as Krishna, 22, from Uttar Pradesh, worked in a private company in Sunguvarchatram. He married Pooja from his hometown a year ago. The woman, who left for her hometown six months ago, returned to Sunguvarchatram on Monday.
“Even as the couple were chatting face to face after a long time, Krishna was seen texting on his mobile phone,” an investigator said.
When Pooja went to cook, the husband started talking to someone on his cell phone. Even after an hour when she was done working, he was still chatting on the phone with a woman. When Pooja inquired about the woman, Krishna told her that she was a colleague.
She suspected him of having an affair with the woman and berated him. After a brief argument, she snatched the cell phone from him and broke it.
When Pooja entered a room and locked herself in, Krishna hung herself from the ceiling of the veranda. When the woman opened the door after nearly half an hour, she found him hanging from the ceiling. His neighbors alerted the police.
(Assistance in overcoming suicidal thoughts is available at the State Health Helpline 104 and Sneha’s Suicide Prevention Hotline 044-24640050).