Microsoft Teams now supports chatting with people outside the organization

New Delhi, February 4 (IANS): Microsoft announced that Teams users can now communicate beyond their organization by allowing them to start a conversation with any Teams user, including free personal Teams accounts.

With the new feature, one can now invite any Teams user to chat by entering the full email address or phone number to join and start a 1:1 or group chat with anyone who has a personal Microsoft account, no change of tenant required.

According to Microsoft, allowing connections to personal Teams accounts should help commercial Teams account owners connect to SMBs, many of whom use personal Teams accounts for business.

Microsoft recently announced that it had added 20 million more users to its Teams video collaboration tool to surpass 270 million monthly active users, as the Covid wave triggered by Omicron spread across the world.

The company surpassed 270 million monthly active Teams users as of its second quarter that ended Dec. 31, up from the 250 million monthly active Teams users announced in July 2021.

According to Satya Nadella, President and CEO of Microsoft, organizations are using Teams to run their business with collaborative applications that integrate business process data directly into the workflow.