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Mobile Device Manufacturers Excitedly Move to Vietnam | Company

Samsung’s mobile phone manufacturing plant in Thai Nguyen Province

Xiaomi informed on May 31 that through its partner – DBG Technology VN, which has a factory in Thai Nguyen province, Xiaomi has successfully produced its first mobile phones in Vietnam. These devices were then distributed to its official outlet in Ho Chi Minh City – Digiworld – for sale in the domestic market. In the future, phones made in Vietnam will also be sold in Thailand and Malaysia.

DBG Technology VN representative Henry Wu shared the company’s enthusiasm to cooperate with Xiaomi to produce premium mobile phones globally. This company plans to manufacture about 20 million electronic items such as computers, household appliances and electronic parts.

At present, popular Apple wireless headphones such as AirPods and AirPods Pro are created in Vietnam, which shows the confidence of this famous electronics giant in the country’s favorable investment environment. . It is revealed that Apple will move some of its iPad and Macbook production lines to Vietnam due to the Covid-19 pandemic in China and neighboring regions.

After Samsung and Intel – the first generation of foreign investors to lay the foundation for Vietnam’s electronics manufacturing industry, other big companies like LG, Foxconn and Nokia have come to the country to establish their production lines.

In May 2022, the Ministry of Industry and Trade reported that in 2021, Vietnam produced nearly 234 million mobile phones worth VND580.8 trillion ($24.8 billion) , an increase of 7.6% and 29.5% respectively compared to 2020. means that Vietnam’s mobile phone production accounts for nearly one-fifth of the entire world, which makes Vietnam account for 13% of the global smart phone market share, second only to China.

Vietnam has become Samsung’s largest mobile phone manufacturing site, accounting for 60% of its total products.

Some economic experts have pointed out that Vietnam is well known for its strength in assembling parts into finished products for export, and thus has been considered an ideal destination for the main production lines of various major electronic companies. in the world.

In addition, domestic companies have always tried to improve their competitiveness by increasingly participating in the supply chains of major electronics manufacturers. For example, the number of domestic Tier 1 suppliers for Samsung has increased significantly in recent years.

Another great advantage of Vietnam in the mobile phone industry is that multinationals have established a superior supply chain in the country for a long time, which makes it easier for them to find material suppliers at reasonable prices to reduce the overall cost.

By Ba Tan – Translated by Thanh Tam