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mobile device: mobiles are the preferred device for consuming content online: Knorish 2021 Global Creator Insights report

Chenai: Cities like Delhi, Bengaluru, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kochi and Lucknow were the top 10 cities from where e-learning content was consumed and mobiles were the preferred device for consuming the online content, Knorish, a platform dedicated to helping coaches, instructors and organizations create and launch online academies, said in its 2021 Global Creator Insights report.

The platform said this was a marked change from just a few years ago when laptops were essential for online learning. Additionally, live online training is the new favorite with over 6.1 million minutes of live sessions and webinars streamed on Knorish by the top 10 academies alone in the past 6 months.

“With affordable smartphones and easy access to data, the thirst for good learning content among students, lifelong learners and businesses is growing at an unprecedented rate,” said Kinner N Sacchdev, co- founder and CEO of Knorish. “Creators filling this void want to quickly start sharing content through a robust technology platform that gives them everything they need to build a successful online business.”

The report states that in 2021 alone, in one year, more than 30,000 coaches, trainers, experts, artists, enthusiasts, celebrities and influencers have gone online and launched their academies which sell courses, webinars and memberships on the Knorish platform.

“The platform is now accessible in 45 countries with courses and content on 590 different topics and areas, with the top 5 areas being Stock Trading, Technology, Arts, Cooking and Personal Growth. Naturally, the platform has seen a strong 300% increase in sales in 2021,” the company said.

Also, the platform said that unlike traditional learning or e-commerce, starting an online coaching business is much more profitable and offers unlimited monetization opportunities.

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“What’s driving this massive growth for creators is the ease of using the full tech stack one would need to build an online academy, along with insights on how to grow their business profitably. People can now work, create and monetize their expertise, knowledge and passion by becoming knowledge entrepreneurs,” the company said in a statement.

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