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Mobile Labs Adds GigaFox Red, Silver to Cloud Suite for Mobile Devices

Mobile Labs has put the finishing touches on its cloud suite for mobile devices with the additions of GigaFox Red and GigaFox Silver.

Earlier this year, Mobile Labs launched GigaFox StarterKit with the aim of providing instant access to mobile devices. The goal was to enable more companies to engage in risk-free mobile testing. StarterKit was designed for small mobile application development and testing teams, or for those who are just starting to test. According to Mobile Labs, it provides instant access to a pool of five secure iOS and Android devices within Mobile Labs’ hosted environment. It can also be deployed on-site behind a firewall.

Red and silver features

GigaFox Red and GigaFox Silver add more advanced features to StarterKit.

Red and Silver are accessed through a privately hosted cloud environment. Red is available as an on-premises platform behind the corporate firewall and supports manual application testing and test automation. It can use the built-in Appium software or any other commercial or open source DevOps and testing tool.

GigaFox Red also offers the following features:

  • Create a pool of shareable mobile devices;
  • Remotely add, disable, restart and unlock devices;
  • Collaborate by sharing devices and screens;
  • Plan access to devices so they are available when needed;
  • Control and monitor the use of mobile devices; and
  • Manage and control device charging.

Silver offers the same functionality as Red, but is available as both on-premises and hosted implementations. It also includes a graphics extension manager that allows clients to stream a device’s screen in real time. According to Mobile Labs, Silver uses minimal bandwidth but still allows users to see real-time performance on real devices.

GigaFox Silver was designed to give teams more flexibility to bring the benefits of the cloud into development, DevOps and test workflows, according to Mobile Labs. It can also accommodate more smartphones and tablets than GigaFox Red.

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