Motorist caught driving past police while chatting on FaceTime

A motorist faces a fine and points on his license after being caught on FaceTime.

The driver was spotted on the video call as he drove past a police car on the High Street in Standish. He was arrested by officers and now faces six points and a £200 fine for the alleged offence, police said.

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In a tweet sent at 10:53 p.m. on Saturday May 7, Lancashire Police wrote:

“The driver of this VW Passat was on ‘FaceTime’ as he drove past #HX62 on High Street, Standish. Driver pulled over and not ‘faced’ 6 points and £200 fine #Fatale4 #T1TacOps

UK law prohibits motorists from using a phone, sat nav, tablet or any other device that can send or receive data, while driving or riding a motorcycle.

The law still applies if you are stopped at traffic lights, queuing in traffic, supervising a learner driver, driving a car that turns off the engine when you stop moving or holding, and using an offline device or in flight mode.

You can use a hand-held device if you call 999 or 112 in an emergency and it’s “unsafe or impractical to stop”. Motorists are also allowed to make contactless payments in a stationary vehicle, for example at a drive-in restaurant.

Drivers who have passed their driving test within the last two years can lose their license if they are caught breaking this particular law.

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