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Mumbai sextortion case: Khar businessman receives WhatsApp video call with woman stripping on screen; Fraudsters record it and threaten to defame it

Bombay, September 3: A businessman in the city has contacted the Mumbai police after being targeted by cyber crooks in a bid for sextortion. The incident came to light after the 61-year-old businessman filed a complaint about the sextortion offer. Although the fraudsters tried to extort money from Khar’s businessman, he did not pay them.

According to a report published in the India time, the incident came to light on August 31 when the elderly person approached the police. In his complaint, the businessman said he received a call around 10 a.m. while he was at home with his family. When he received the call, no one answered. He later received a WhatsApp video call in which a woman was seen stripping on the phone. Mumbai: Special POCSO court let rape defendant off the hook after cops failed to provide proof of minor’s age.

Following this, the 61-year-old businessman immediately disconnected the call. He also deleted the unidentified caller’s number from his phone’s call log. Shortly after, he received a WhatsApp message with the video of the man watching the woman undress. After that, the identified caller texted the senior multiple times and threatened to upload the clip to YouTube and even go viral on social media.

However, the complainant ignored the messages. When the caller sent another message to the businessman, he went to Khar police. The businessman told cops about the sextortion offer and even said the alleged fraudsters threatened to defame him. Following the Khar resident’s complaint, the police filed an FIR under the provisions of the IPC and the Computer Act.

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