On February 14, we discuss CIPP live at Soapstone with Professor Purdue who has studied the method of pipe rehabilitation for almost a decade | Login Forest Hills |

A crossing of Soapstone Creek in 2020. (Photo by Forest Hills Connection)

People’s love for the scenic Soapstone Valley is real, as are concerns about the aging sewer system in the park and DC Water’s plans to reline the 110-year-old pipes. So we hope you can join us at noon this valentine for a virtual conversation about CIPP and its environmental impacts.

Our guest is Andrew Whelton, a professor at Purdue University and a civil and environmental engineer who has been researching CIPP, or cured-in-place pipe, since 2013. He is a nationally recognized leader in this field. Marjorie Share spoke to him while researching his December 2021 Forest Hills Connection article on DC Water’s preferred methods for installing and curing new pipe liners, and the toxins released by steam and water curing. ‘Hot water. She will lead the Q&A session with Whelton.

Many of you have asked questions about CIPP and its use in Soapstone Valley, and we encourage you to send us your questions for Andrew Whelton, whether you can attend the live chat or not. Email us at [email protected] by Sunday, February 13 at noon. We will not answer questions from the public during the conversation. It will be recorded and displayed on

Again, the Zoom chat between Andrew Whelton and Marjorie Share is at noon on Monday, February 14. You can login here.

Or call 301-715-8592 to listen on the phone.
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