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ODBC needs to have the Socket in order to communicate.

The following is a simple flowchart to help dBASE developers ascertain which technology is best for which solution. If you have the Borland Database Engine installed already on your PC, then you probably have the correct borland paradox odbc. Do not continue until this is fixed.

XG0, XG1 are indexes. Found solution! This is because I have no way of ensuring data integrity and consistency if different systems are all writing to the one database. ODBC driver for Paradox borland paradox odbc Odbc driver for paradox 7. The BDE then makes an assumption that the record, or it's key, has been deleted. This seems to happen, sometimes, when the index spans more than one field and the key value for one of the fields is NULL.

DataStream Development - Configuring the Borland Database Engine for Network and SQL Access

The start time is one of the fields in the index when trips are sorted by Start Time. By changing the sort to Trip number you are telling TNS to use a different index. You can then edit the borland paradox odbc, including adding a start times for all trips that are TBA. These new algorithms are not compatible with the older style of locking.

Paradox Database

LCK file serves to stop earlier versions of Paradox from attempting to work on tables in folders that are being controlled by the current locking system. LCK file tracks all locking activity on tables that reside in the same folder. NET file. borland paradox odbc

It also contains a heading for every table that has been accessed in that folder since the file was created. The first heading is borland paradox odbc reference to the lock that is placed on the folder. All subsequent headings are for tables being accessed by BDE applications. The headings are knows as sections.

Reading (Borland) Paradox tables ?

As locking activity takes place on a table, borland paradox odbc information is logged under the appropriate section for that table. A section header is never deleted even after there are no longer any applications accessing the table. The section is reused when new locking activity takes place on the table.


When the last table being accessed is closed, the lock file is deleted. The section header is the header for all locking information pertaining to the borland paradox odbc associated with the section header.


Each lock is tracked, as is the session number and user ID of the owner of the borland paradox odbc. In the case of record locks, the record number is also tracked.

When changes are made to the linking values of master borland paradox odbc in a referential integrity relationship, the BDE creates a group lock on all detail records. Rather than creating individual record locks on all linked detail records, the BDE logs the linking value s of the master record in the sections of all detail tables. Registering the linking value in a detail table effectively creates a record lock for all records with a matching value. This is done only while the master record is being posted. The locking of all of the details ensures that the changes to the linking value can be cascaded across those records.

BDE Connection

With Borland paradox odbc version 3. See What's New safe. Forums Knowledge Base Ideas Documentation. Paradox is a native format for the Borland Database Engine, which is included with various Delphi programming products. Ownership has changed hands at least once recently, but at one point there were free "Express" versions of Delphi available that would let you write a simple program to export this stuff. Use a connection such as:.I continue to get customer requests for options to migrate legacy RAD Studio, Delphi or C++ Builder applications using the Borland Database Engine (BDE) with Paradox and/or dBase files. With the current versions of RAD Studio, you can use the FireDAC ODBC bridge driver to get to.

I was happy to find a Paradox ODBC driver from Microsoft in my Windows, but it doesn't seem like it's capable of reading any of the provided.

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