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Results showed no significant difference in adhesive bond strength to autopolymerizing acrylic resin between the former four impression materials studied. Polyether and medium-viscosity polyvinylsiloxane demonstrated significantly higher adhesive bond strength to polystyrene than either polysulfide or condensation silicone. The medium-viscosity polyvinylsiloxane impression material showed significantly higher adhesive bond strength to polystyrene than autopolymerizing acrylic resin whereas polysulfide and condensation silicone impression materials adhered significantly better to autopolymerizing acrylic resin than polystyrene. The polyvinylsiloxane putty did not adhere cbox despina d700 its impression adhesive.


Variation of the speed of tensile testing between 5 to 20 cbox despina d700 per minutes did not affect the adhesive bond strength of a polysulfide impression material. Effect of impression tray design and impression technique upon the accuracy of stone casts produced from a putty-wash polyvinyl siloxane impression material. This study examined the accuracy of stone casts produced from impressions taken in stock polycarbonate trays, some of which had been strengthened with cbox despina d700 polymethyl methacrylate resin. Three techniques were used to make the impression of an acrylic master model of the mandibular arch on which two extracoronal preparations for bridgework and one intracoronal inlay preparation had been carried out.

Each preparation had been indented with a reference point for later measurement.

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The impression material was a putty-wash polyvinyl siloxane material. Five impressions were taken for each type of tray for each impression technique and these were cast in die-stone after 24 h. The distances between the points were measured with a reflex microscope and the means determined for each design cbox despina d700 tray.

The mean difference between casts produced from the various tray designs and the acrylic master model were determined for each of the distances between the three measuring points for the various cbox despina d700 techniques. Statistical analysis showed that, with the polycarbonate stock trays, there were significant differences between some of the modifications and between them and the acrylic model, for the three distances P less than 0. These differences were limited to one measurement for one design of tray for each of the two-stage impression methods.

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With the one-stage technique the unreinforced tray and those reinforced with acrylic, over the heels and anteriorly, and the barred design were statistically cbox despina d700 different from the acrylic model for measurement A-B. Light-polymerized materials for custom impression trays.


Custom cbox despina d700 are indispensable for making impressions with elastomeric products. Previous studies have demonstrated that certain autopolymerized materials are particularly suitable, but had some limitations.

The recently introduced halogen-light-polymerized resins permit fabrication of custom trays that have the needed physical properties for accuracy and strength. No storage period is necessary for completion of polymerization, and cbox despina d700 trays are not subject to distortion in moisture, making them suitable for use in the electroforming of casts. The effect of tray selection on the accuracy of elastomeric impression materials. Glenn E.

Gordon Glen H. Johnson David G. This study evaluated the accuracy of reproduction of stone casts made from cbox despina d700 using different tray and impression materials. The tray materials used were an acrylic resin, a thermoplastic, and a plastic.

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The impression materials used were an additional silicone, a polyether, and a polysulfide. Impressions were made of a stainless steel master die that simulated crown preparations for a cbox despina d700 partial denture and an acrylic resin model with cross-arch and anteroposterior landmarks in stainless steel that typify clinical intra-arch distances. Impressions of the fixed partial denture simulation were made with all three impression materials and all three tray types. Impressions of the cross-arch and anteroposterior landmarks were made by using all three tray types with only the addition reaction silicone impression material. Impressions were poured at 1 hour with a type IV dental stone. Results indicated that custom-made trays of acrylic resin and the thermoplastic material performed similarly regarding die accuracy and produced clinically acceptable casts.

The stock plastic tray consistently produced casts with greater dimensional change than the two custom trays. The effects of disposable and custommade impression trays on the accuracy of impressions. Burton J. Hood D.

Plunkett S. This study indicates that some non-rigid impression trays, including disposable plastic trays and custom-made acrylic resin trays, may produce unreliable results when used with some medium-bodied elastomers. The study does not question the well-documented clinical accuracy of these elastomers when they are used with rigid trays. Disposable plastic trays are found to be acceptable when used with a combination of reversible and non-reversible hydrocolloid impression materials. Comparing effects of tray treatment on the accuracy of dies. Anthony H. Tjan Sung B. The effects of tray treatments on the accuracy of dies from addition silicone impressions were investigated. These alternative bulk-solvent models offer algorithmic improvements, while showing similar agreement of the model with the observed amplitudes relative to the binary model as monitored using R, R free and differences between experimental and model phases.

Macromolecular crystallography is a very powerful tool to investigate three-dimensional structures of macromolecules at the atomic level, and is widely spread among eespina biology researchers. Post Comment. Start the discussion Leave a Cbox despina d700 Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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