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Free and open-source software portal. Only call XShmPutImage for the updated region. Only send key code in events. Default WM module - Pan the layer to follow the mouse cursor aka. This has the nice side effect of free space being defragmented after resume : Window Core - Don't notify WM if cursor opacity didn't actually change. Keyboard TTY - Added keypad equal support. Linux Input - Added keypad equal support. Check the ChangeLog for a detailed description. This feature only works with recent kernel module. I try to directfb select gfx with directFB. The directfb I want to use is provided by the vendor of the system I want to use, and it works well. Level: Wannabe. Posts: 98 View posts. Posted by p k0 : Tue.

PM. Use priority code J8TLD2.

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Runtime Options - Added "primary-only" to tell applications only about directfb select gfx primary layer, pretending there are no others. That applies to the multi application core only. In the single application core the destructor is called synchronously. Fix stdbool. But the exit shouldn't be reached. The only copy ever made would directfb select gfx when the surface is transfered to video memory for acceleration.

Directfbrc(5) - Linux man page

Mach64 directfb select gfx Disable dithering when doing alpha blended blits. Dithering it is applied even when the source pixels are completely transparent. This change makes the mouse cursor look sane. Linux Input - Ignore repeat events for mouse buttons. Other fixes - Plugged mem leak of AttachedWindow struct when DetachEventBuffer happens after the window has been destroyed. The number of regions is stated in the display layer description.

DirectFB/NEWS at master · deniskropp/DirectFB · GitHub

The layer will be shown only in these regions or except in these regions. Fonts - Added support for other encodings than UTF8. Encodings are or can be provided with each font implementation. This model reduces code sharing slightly, but allows higher efficiency via optimized combination of decoding and translation. Nice demonstration how directfb select gfx encodings can be used, while still having a single glyph cache, which is no longer based on character codes, but on their raw indices.The directfbrc file is a configuration file read by all DirectFB applications on startup. session=: Selects the multi application world directfb select gfx is joined or created.

If you disable hardware acceleration, the driver for your graphics card will  ‎DESCRIPTION · ‎PARAMETERS.


The directfbrc file is a configuration file read by all DirectFB applications on startup. if not there. remote=[:]: Select the remote session to directfb select gfx to. If you disable hardware acceleration, the driver for your graphics card will.

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