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LM3914 - Dot/Bar Display Driver

The buffer drives 10 individual comparators referenced to the precision divider. The only limit on lm3914 bar display use of these versatile, yet cheap devices or its companion LM are your imagination.

Imagine a device which contains all of the following in one chip. Forgot your password? No account?

Dot/Bar Display Driver Hookup Guide

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The Mode pin allows you to select between "bar" mode and "dot" mode. In bar mode, all Lm3914 bar display sequentially turn on. So, if the signal voltage is near max, all LEDs should be on.

In "dot" mode just a single LED is on at any time. Connect mode directly to the power source for bar mode, and leave lm3914 bar display floating for dot mode.

Here we have used 9V to power the IC to monitor an analogy voltage of V. The Figure 17 circuit is that of a simple LMbased audio power meter lm3914 bar display is used to indicate instantaneous output voltage values from an external loudspeaker.


Pin 9 is left open-circuit to give dot-mode operation, and R1 has a value of R to give an Lm3914 bar display current of about 30mA, thus giving a clear indication of brief instantaneous voltage levels. The meter gives audio power indication over the range mW to W.

LM Dot/Bar Display Driver IC NightFire Electronics LLC

The circuit is shown connected for bar-mode operation, using separate supply voltages for the LED display and for the actual IC, and with the component values shown, gives a current drive of 10mA to each active LED. Figure 19 shows an alternative way of using the LM as a VU-meter with a bar-type display. In this case, the IC is used in the same way as the basic Figure 12 low-current-consumption circuit, with pin 9 left open circuit so that the IC actually operates in the dot mode, but with the LEDs wired in series across the display-driving pins so that a bar-type display is obtained, with all active LED currents flowing through the currently-active driving pin.

Chaining multiple LMs Two or more LMs can be chained together lm3914 bar display increase the number of LEDs used to display the levels over an expanded range. Moving on, the circuit above results with the lm3914 bar display Where to from here? International Shipping Info. Send Email. Mon-Fri, 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 5pm U. Mountain Time:. Other things may be missing.


I need a circuit that can be linked with a pressure transducer that provides 4. The circuit needs to do the following. Any help will be greatly appreciated.Introduction. The LM and LM are a two ICs in a series of monolithic, analog-controlled LED drivers. With these chips, all lm3914 bar display takes is a single, analog. SNVSB –JANUARY –REVISED MARCH LM Dot/Bar Display Driver. Check for Samples: LM Versatility was lm3914 bar display into the LM

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