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scanmark es2260 Read Free For 30 Days. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Disclaimer The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice and should not be construed as a commitment by SCANTRON Corporation, which assumes no responsibility for any errors scanmark es2260 omissions.

Scantron SCANMARK Es2260 Optical Mark Reader Scanner

D-8 E Troubleshooting Overview Choosing Special Form Colors for InkRead Systems The scanner periodically updates the estimate of the paper reflectivity whiteness of the forms being processed by reading between the mark positions; therefore, any mark position shape, text, or graphic on Ink-Read forms near any mark positions should be printed in inks formulated to be invisible to Ink-Read capable machines. Scanmark es2260 B A D Figure Figure A D B C Figure Using the Input Hopper Form Guide The input hopper includes a removable wire form guide to help stack forms correctly for scanning and to help them stay in alignment as they feed into the scanner. B C A D Figure Using the Output Hopper Form Stop Scanmark es2260 output hopper includes a removable wire form stop to help forms stay in alignment after they are scanned.

Using the Support Bail You can use the support bail to place the scanner in a slanted or a horizontal position.

To place scanmark es2260 scanner in a slanted position 1 2 3 Lift scanmark es2260 back of the scanner and locate the support bail J, Figure You can connect the ScanMark ES to your computer in two ways: Connect the scanner directly to a desktop or laptop computer Connect the scanner in-line between a main frame and its display terminal Connecting the Scanner Directly In connecting the scanner directly to your desktop or laptop computer, you must connect the scanner using a serial cable to a serial communication port not used by another device. C Figure Connecting the Scanner In-Line When required, you can install the scanner in-line between a mainframe computer and a display terminal attached to the computer.

Scantron Scanmark ES Test Scorecard Reader Scanner eBay

Connecting the Scanner In-Line Do not disconnect the existing serial cable from the serial communication port on your computer A, Figure To connect your scanner between a mainframe computer and its display terminal 1 2 3 Disconnect one end of the existing serial cable B, Figure from the serial communication port C on the display terminal D. If the power switch located on the back of the main unit is on and the Power lamp is not lit, check the following: Make sure the power cord is connected securely to the scanner Make sure the power outlet being used by the scanner is not controlled by a wall switch Using the Receive Lamp The Receive lamp blinks when the scanmark es2260 receives commands or data from the host computer.

When you are finished scanning forms, press the END key H on the scanner. Accepted Forms The ScanMark ES accepts a form if the scanner detects no marking errors bad erasures, multiple marks, missing marks, etc.

Incorrect stacking Correct stacking 6 7 8 Timing track Figure Incorrect and Correct Forms Stacking Adjust the input hopper form guide D so that it rests near the top edge of the forms. Press here A to lower input tray. Lowering and Raising the Input Hopper Tray To lower the input hopper tray 1 2 3 Place your fingertips on the lower section A, Figure of the movable input hopper tray. To raise the scanmark es2260 hopper tray 1 Press the lower section of the input tray A, Figure Attaching the Paperweight To attach the paperweight 1 2 3 Lower the input hopper tray and load the forms. Problem Form jams Corrective Action Straighten pinched or dog-eared forms. Rejected forms Forms do not feed correctly Refer to Appendix E, Troubleshooting for further suggestions on resolving problems.


Scanmark es2260 Rate Baud rate is a measurement of the speed of data exchange between the host computer and a data device. Parity None A parity bit is added to the string of data and stop bits and is used for error checking. To complete the ScanMark Communication Configuration Form 1 2 3 Select the side of the form matching the readhead configuration on scanmark es2260 scanner or Channel Version. Using the Control Panel Keys Within the configuration menu, you can use the keys on the control panel to make selections.

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Accepted Configuration Forms If the scanner accepts the configuration form, the form travels through the scanner and ejects scanmark es2260 the output hopper. Rejected Configuration Forms If the scanner rejects the form, it is ejected into the output hopper and the scanner performs the following: The LCD displays --Rejected-- on the bottom line The LCD displays ERR and CONT You either can display the first error the scanner detects on the configuration form, or you can continue with the previously selected communication settings.


Scanmark es2260 feeding the rejected form again, check the following: To feed the corrected configuration form 1 2 3 4 5 Feed the configuration form. Exiting the Configuration Mode When you power on the scanner with the END key depressed, the scanner scanmark es2260 enters the Configuration mode.

To exit the Configuration mode 1 2 Press Key 1 once. Using Com Check You can use the Com Check option to verify communication between the scanner and your computer. Using Double Sheet With the double-sheet detection circuitry enabled, the scanner can detect scanmark es2260 more than one form enters the scanner. Using Printer You can use the Printer option to prevent the scanner from printing messages on rejected forms. Auto Cal Option You can use the Auto Cal option to automatically calibrate selective scanner settings.INTRODUCING SCANMARK ES—.

Scantron Scanmark ES2260 Optical Mark Reader Scanner Test Scanner

THE Scanmark es2260 TECHNOLOGY FOR FAST. ACCURATE DATA COLLECTION Versatile enough for. ScanMark ES By scanning information directly from forms into the scanmark es2260 at a speed of upto 2, pages per hour, the ES provides a level of.

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