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Patna Shocker: A 20-year-old woman commits suicide during a video call with her girlfriend and dies accidentally

Patna, March 20: In a tragic incident reported in Patna, a 20-year-old accidentally hanged himself to death as he tried to kill himself to scare his girlfriend during a live video chat at his home in Rupas village , below the boundaries of Athmalgola Police Station in the state capital.

Navbharat time Police cited that the deceased was identified as Kishan Kumar (20), a resident of Rupas village in Barh area of ​​Patna district. The incident happened on Wednesday night when Kumar made a video call to his girlfriend and tried to convince her of a personal issue. After refusing to listen to him, Kumar allegedly climbed onto a table and tied a rope to the ceiling and made a noose. Chennai Shocker: Man, 22, dies by suicide after wife smashes cell phone for talking to another woman

During the video call, Kumar’s cell phone slipped from his hands. As Kumar jumped off the table to grab his phone, the noose tightened and he began to choke.

After seeing him choking, Kumar’s girlfriend alerted his neighbor, who rushed to rescue him. Kumar’s family members peeked through the window of the room and saw him being hanged. Maharashtra: Teenage couple commit suicide while walking past moving train in Nagpur

Athmalgola police said the incident was linked to a love affair. Relatives of the deceased were unaware of the incident. It was Kumar’s girlfriend who informed them about the whole incident.

Police interview Kumar’s girlfriend and neighbors to investigate the case further.

In another suspected suicide case reported in Madhubani district of Bihar earlier this month, a chief clerk assigned to the municipal corporation office allegedly hanged himself in the office, causing panic among officials.

The deceased has been identified as Aqeel Ahmad. The man hung himself from the ceiling fan in the office of a senior ministry official. The incident happened on Monday evening.

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