[RUMOR] WhatsApp may soon add cross-phone and tablet chat

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps that features end-to-end encryption, which ensures that no one but you or the recipient of your message can read them.

However, using your WhatsApp account on multiple devices is not something the app lets you do.

But then again, that could soon change in the immediate future.

WhatsApp is reportedly working on a feature that lets you access WhatsApp from another device without any issues, according to WABetaInfo.

The feature is currently in its beta testing phase and is not expected to be released until much later in the future.

(Photo: STAN HONDA/AFP via Getty Images)

WhatsApp multi-phone and tablet conversation details

WABetaInfo mentioned in its report that the feature, known as “Binding New Mobile Device”, will allow you to bind mobile devices in a future version of WhatsApp.

Although you won’t be able to try it for yourself anytime soon, WABetaInfo was able to take a screenshot of the screen that would allow you to register a different device as a “companion” when you open WhatsApp on a secondary mobile device.

The screenshot is said to have been taken during one of the feature’s previous beta tests.

According to WABetaInfo’s findings, you would need to point your primary device’s camera at the screen of the device you want to link to register the latter as a companion or secondary device via a QR code.

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Android phone users who wish to pair an iOS device as a secondary device or vice versa will be able to do so in the future. However, it is unclear whether the feature will be available on iOS devices if and when it launches, although there is evidence to show that it will, for example. The edge.

WhatsApp previously put the feature through a public beta in November 2021 and has since improved it.

A multi-chat precedent

A cross-phone and tablet chat feature has been a long-awaited feature ever since the company allowed users to link their computers to their primary WhatsApp device in 2021. However, the ability to call people through WhatsApp using of your computer is only limited to the desktop. application. Meanwhile, WhatsApp Web only allows you to message people.

What’s nice about the functionality of WhatsApp is that you don’t need to keep the WhatsApp app on your primary device active and connected to the internet like before. Previously, you had to have the app on your main device connected to the internet to be able to send and receive messages and call people using the desktop and web browser versions of the app.

However, WhatsApp may be the latest messaging app to adopt the “bind new mobile device” feature. Currently, other messaging apps such as Telegrammessenger and Viber allow you to link multiple devices to your main device so that you can continue to message people on another device.

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