Scott Disick and Larsa Pippen: What Were They Probably Talking About Poolside?

If It’s Not A Party, Then Another Disick didn’t receive entry to the Kardashians’ party, but he was recently spotted meeting the enemy Larsa Pippen. The two seemed to have met randomly at David Einhorn’s birthday, celebrated in Miami. However, are things really so random? It’s true that Larsa lives in Miami and Einhorn owns Papi Steak, but the absence of Disick’s current girlfriend, Rebecca Donaldson, certainly raises a few eyebrows.

The two were spotted having a long, fairly relaxed conversation at the Setai Hotel in Miami, where Pippen was seen wearing a black dress showing off her cleavage. Sources at the scene confirmed that the two hadn’t stopped talking for hours.

Ancient Real Housewives of Miami the star saw his ties cut with the Kardashian family in 2020

Assuming the two had a lot to catch up on, one can assume this could be a random encounter through mutual acquaintances, but again, this isn’t the first time the two have met; especially after the famous feud between Pippen and the Kardashian family. Larsa and Scott only left each other to go to the bathroom, otherwise the two seemed enthralled in a warm conversation. Even on hot days, Larsa and Scott were spotted sharing lunch in Miami, 2021.

Larsa’s history with Kanye and the cause of the feud

Kim’s husband at the time Kanye (she filed for divorce from him on Feb. 19, 2021) used to talk for hours with Larsa, which introduced unwanted mistrust between the two. Larsa claimed the rapper would call and talk to her for hours in the mornings for casual chats and his usual rantings. In November 2020, Larsa raised concerns that Kim had been “brainwashed” by Kanye. Larsa claimed that after blocking Kanye, he turned the tide against her, without her doing anything to cause the rift between her and Kim.

Kim and Larsa have now patched things up? BFF again?

One thing leads to another and it looks like Larsa has a long list of angry Kardashians. There was a rumor mill that indicated the Kardashians were cutting Larsa due to her long history with chronic cheater Tristan Thompson, Khloe Kardashian’s ex. But now things suddenly look different with Larsa claiming, in January, that the feud with the family is a thing of the past.

She said ‘Maybe because I blocked him on my phone because I couldn’t take his calls anymore. I can’t, I’m exhausted. So I blocked it on my phone. Obviously, it really upset him.

This led to Kanye laughing at her ‘So he turned that into ‘oh, she’s this and she’s that’. They all started to ride his wave. If you’re so easily influenced, like the wind, then do I really care? Should I give af***? I do not know.’

Larsa then added: “We all apologized. We are in a very good place.

Scott and Rebecca Donaldson

Scott is 38 while Rebecca is 27, it looks like Scott has finally found age-appropriate women after hinting that he should date young girls. The two appeared on the red carpet at the premiere of The Kardashianstwo weeks ago.