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Seamfix Mobile Device Management (SmartMDM) cloud beta test is now available!

Seamfix, a software development company known for its expertise in delivering innovative software solutions, is inviting companies to become beta testers of a smart mobile device management solution that offers a centralized platform for businesses to monitor, track and manage all mobile devices, seamlessly, from one central suite.

SmartMDM (Seamfix Mobile Device Management) is Seamfix’s new SaaS solution that enables businesses to completely reduce the risks and costs associated with the loss or misuse of mobile devices. The solution has been in development for two years and has now been released for beta testing before hitting the market later in 2022.

According to Seamfix, SmartMDM was not only innovated to ensure good practices in the handling of mobile devices but also to secure the data that these devices carry; help businesses stay compliant with global data standards. Any device (endpoint) connected to a corporate network and used to transmit data wirelessly can be vulnerable to hackers. This introduces high business risks and these risks are associated with huge financial implications in the event of successful attacks.

SmartMDM exists to protect businesses as well as employees from such threats by allowing businesses to have proper control of their mobile devices and do many things – including remotely locking or wiping a device that has been lost or stolen to ensure that no one can access privacy. corporate data in ways they shouldn’t.

SmartMDM also has a unique approach to ensuring healthy employee mobility by providing many tools for IT staff and device administrators to enforce security policies such as which apps are installed or accessed on those devices, all with the goal of promote productivity.

Speaking on the subject, Group CEO Chimezie Emewulu said, “We aim to help businesses reduce the risks and costs associated with the loss, abuse or misuse of mobile devices and data in the workplace, allowing them to manage their fleet of mobile devices from a central point. SmartMDM will not only protect the company’s mobile devices, but also their data and their reputation.”

With SmartMDM now available for beta testing, Seamfix offers business owners and IT staff a chance to test the solution in real-world scenarios with access to the full suite of features, including the ability to:

  • Enroll devices and set device usage policies; create and enforce a user-device relationship so that only a user tied to a device can access it.
  • Add authorized business apps from playstore or computer files, and perform live operations to push these apps to devices.
  • Apply location tracking and analytics, such as geofencing devices to operate in certain locations and restrict device usage in unauthorized locations.
  • Perform actions remotely, including locking or restarting a device; blacklist, uninstall and install applications based on business rules.

Additionally, Seamfix recently launched a free white paper that aims to educate African business owners and IT staff across industries on effective ways to improve their mobile device management (MDM) strategy and why SmartMDM is an essential tool.

If you would like to become a beta tester for this exciting platform or obtain the whitepaper, email Victoria from the Seamfix SmartMDM team at [email protected] Also, if you have any questions about SmartMDM, don’t hesitate to ask!

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