Video call

Setting up a video call with Windows and Android users is a snap

We have been able to use FaceTime for a long time to call the Windows and android users with great ease. A system with which we can enjoy privacy and comfort with anyone, even if they do not use Apple devices. Let’s see, how to do it in iOS 16.

We program a link and… that’s it

The ability to call a Windows or Android user via FaceTime arrived with iOS 15, and allows us to establish a link to which all participants, regardless of the operating system and devices we use, we can come together to share the same call. To generate this link we must use an Apple device, we will do it like this:

  1. We open the application face to face on our iPhoneiPad or Mac.
  2. We touch the button create a link.
  3. We choose who to share it with or who to play with Copy link to send it to whoever we want by the means that suits us best.

Nothing more. At the appointed time, all of us who have the link can enter the call as we would with other online tools like Zoom, for example. Once complete, we can, if we wish, remove the link from our FaceTime call history so that it can no longer be used.

As you can see, it’s a very simple system. A system with which we can all enjoy a call that we know is end-to-end encrypted for all participants. A call that we can repeat whenever we want using the same link and in which we can meet very easily, regardless of the device and operating system we use.