Snapchat brings chat and video calls to the web

Source: The Edge

California-based instant messaging app Snapchat, which provides its end users with features like snapping, messaging, creating groups and video conferencing, has planned to launch its operations on PCs through its latest web app. The multinational instant messaging app is starting its operations on a platform other than Android or iOS devices for the first time.

With the launch of the web version of the app, users will be able to log in to their instant credentials and talk to loved ones via text messages or calls on their personal computers. During the initial phase of its launch, the web form of the social media platform will only be accessible to users who have benefited from a Snapchat plus subscription. The new launch is seen as the first significant introduction of the instant messaging app after declaring its refund groups the previous month. Snapchat users in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand will be the first to take advantage of this feature. However, only Chrome users will be able to take advantage of this new launch by the firm. (The web version of the app is not compatible with Apple’s Safari).

Snapchat’s texting product manager claimed that for the California-based company which was developed as a first visual texting app, launching a web-based version of the app makes sense as its consumers are very active on their personal computers. The web version of the app offers its consumers an additional space for messaging and calling in the same office, the app will also launch its AR lenses.

He added that since individuals started using desktop computers more frequently after the world was hit by Covid-19 and keeping in mind the start of the last school term. The California-based company is ready to introduce more exciting features on the web version of its app in the coming times.

In an address, the messaging product manager claimed that the company is finding measures to reach its users wherever they are and that not having a web version of the application gives the company the impression of not having encountered an important opportunity.

Meanwhile, presenting the web version of the app to the Snapchat Plus subscriber before other users indicates that the instant messenger is taking its paid section seriously as an additional measure to earn capital.