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Stunning! Manav catches Vaibhav’s servant in the act making a video call

Bombay: Sony TV’s popular show Kaamna is set for some high-tension drama with Sakshi leaving Manav’s house. The show is up for many twists. The next piece in Sony TV’s popular Kaamna series will feature an interesting twist.

The next piece in Sony TV’s popular Kaamna series will feature some interesting twists.

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We saw earlier that Manav is happy to work with Holkar group where he is just an honest man.

While Vaibhav is not going to shut up and he starts his game to destroy Manav and defame him at work too. However, Manav becomes suspicious and therefore immediately calls for a meeting.

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In the upcoming track, when all the employees arrive, one of them has his phone connected on a video call with Vaibhav observing everything. Manav catches the person in the act and exposes him in front of Mr. Holkar who is very impressed with Manav’s skills.

On the other hand, poor Vaibhav falls flat as he doesn’t know what to do and disconnects the call.

It would be very interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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