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The 7 Most Common Mobile Device Management Challenges

Employees are increasingly insisting on using mobile devices to do their jobs. Today, companies of all sizes and in all sectors consider mobility a strategic priority to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

But as the saying goes: Convenience comes at a price. Hackers now have a variety of tricks up their sleeves to target smartphones, tablets and laptops that employees use in remote workplaces.

Cybercriminals continue to target mobile devices in record numbers. Whether it’s the thrill of breaking into forbidden environments or the anticipation of great financial gain – by selling data on the black market or holding it for ransom – the hacking of data networks company is unhappy.

No less than 93% of mobile malware attacks affecting organizations in 2020 came from a network of devices! Mobile device management (MDM) is an IT administrator’s best tool for empowering employees while protecting valuable organizational data from potential security breaches. In this article, we will discuss the challenges of MDM and share some tips for overcoming these challenges.

How to Eliminate Mobile Device Management Challenges

Before diving into the challenges of managing mobile devices, it’s worth pointing out that most of them can be navigated successfully with the right MDM solution.

That said, there is no single MDM software; different platforms serve different purposes. Unfortunately, many organizations fail to get the most out of their mobile device management software. The main reason ? They don’t stop to think about what they might need in all departments in 12-24 months.

“The most common mistake businesses make is setting up shop too quickly without taking into account all other mobility considerations,” said Amit Pandey, vice president of Mobile Platforms, Citrix Group.

Choosing the right MDM platform starts with assessing your organization’s applications, wants and needs for total mobility. When evaluating solutions, it’s essential to consider the number of devices, types, and operating systems you will manage. You will also want to assess how the devices are currently connected internally.

Also consider the challenges you expect from the MDM solution, and (Read more…)