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The Best Esports Games You Can Play on Your Mobile Device

The world of esports was designed for convenience, allowing gamers to play virtually and engage with others in these areas. And if you love games, you’re in luck because most games have been set up to run on smartphones as well as desktops. In some cases, you can even use a video game betting app to play on the go. It’s awesome ? If you’re curious about what games you can access and play on your phone, keep reading for some pretty cool picks:

What games can you play through phones?

Our smartphones have become an integral part of our busy lives, and we depend on them to do almost everything. It is therefore logical that they also fulfill the role of allowing us access to the fantastic electronic sports games. As it stands, you can play any of the following games on your phone:

a. clash royale

Have you heard of the clash of clans? If so, you know this is a game steeped in real-time combat that will have you on the edge of your seat. Clash Royale is no different. You must be ready to wage war against the enemy king while protecting your people. So it’s up to you to stand as the leader and figure out how to stay on top of so many moving parts without losing your temper or the battle. If you want additional help, you can always merge your troops with another player’s. And that kind of teamwork can go a long way in preparing you for the realities of esports tournaments and the real world. Are you ready for war? Get this game and rate how prepared you are for enemy troops.

b. Vanity

Few games allow you to work on your skills and make it to the top international lists. But this game does. It features gameplay similar to DOTA. So if you have played games of this nature, you will have the upper hand because you will know what the game entails. It’s easy to understand the rules even if you’ve never interacted with such gameplay before. Each player has the possibility of choosing a hero that he embodies and controls during the game. Of course, each hero has a unique set of skills that a player must master before heading towards the enemy base. Players play as a team; if you play your role well and enter with the right players, you can soon rank high in the world championship. And you can make money from it! So choose your character wisely – there’s a lot at stake!

vs. Foyer

Have you played card games? Maybe you’ve had a taste of Pokemon before and are curious about what other card games you could try. Hearthstone would be a great option as it follows similar gameplay. Players can create decks based on their favorite characters. And because it has a global following, it’s easy to rise to the top of the leaderboards and you may soon find yourself competing in world championships pretty quickly. Other games you can try in this genre include Magic and Shadowverse. The latter is a lot like Hearthstone but takes a much more serious approach. So it would be a good choice if you really want to immerse yourself in the gameplay.

D. Riptide GP: Renegade

If cards and wars aren’t your thing, what can you play? Most gamers opt for racing games because they are fast paced and an easy way to get your adrenaline pumping. This game is a lot like this one, but with a major twist that will leave you pretty dizzy. Instead of featuring cars and bikes as the norm, the game lets players race across water on jet skis! Yes, you read that right! And the gameplay is quite extensive as you can engage in:

  • Beat other players in races,
  • Perform water maneuvers and pull drags in water (kudos if you can handle that), and
  • Keep the cops away from you.

Sometimes players do all three in a single race. And, of course, you get major points if you can pull off a trifactor and the forums will soon be discussing your racing prowess.

e. Real Race 3

If all the glitz and glamor of recent games doesn’t appeal to you, trying out a classic game might be the best move for you. And what better game to play than this casual racing game with over 250 cars in its lineup? The gameplay is straightforward. You pick a car, race other players, and hit that gas pedal enough to reach the finish line as the first player. Sure, there will be bumps along the way, but that’s not something you can’t handle.

Can you make money playing these esports games? Sure! There are several avenues through which you can earn a living through this industry, including:

  • You can go pro with your game: all you need is to keep practicing and find forums where you can play with other players,
  • You can bet on games: It’s true! You can predict who will win a game or tournament and get paid if you’re right, or
  • You can create game content: There are different ways to engage game audiences, from blogs and vlogs to coaching, live videos and social media

So you can always find a niche to capitalize on and get a share of the billions of dollars in this industry.