Video call

The girl started to undress while making a video call, what happened next will surprise you

Patna: A number of crimes are being reported across the country. Indeed, a video call was received on the mobile of an insurance agent in a town of Patna, the capital of Bihar. The man received the video call. A girl from the other side appeared on the screen. She laughed for a moment and then took off all of her clothes one by one. The girl became completely naked. The man was stunned. A photo of the man was seen in a corner with the girl on the mobile screen. The man didn’t know. The video call was being recorded. The man then disconnected the call but the blackmail game began with him. The incident took place in Danapur adjacent to Patna. Where the case came to light on Monday. The victim became an agent of an insurance company residing in Danapur. The victim lodged a complaint with the Patna cyber cell in this regard. He told police he was called by a young woman. And said his whole family needs to provide health and term insurance. The girl then took the insurance agent’s WhatsApp number to send information about her family.

The man gave the number. The young woman then made a video call to the man. After receiving the call, the girl took off all the clothes live one by one on the mobile screen. Then she went completely naked. In a compromised posture, the young woman began to speak obscenely to the insurance agent. After a while, the man disconnected the call. He had no idea what the young woman was going to do to him. Shortly after the call was cut, hundreds of photos of the video call screenshot appeared on the insurance agent’s phone. In which the girl was speaking naked to the insurance agent. The man passed out after watching several short videos of the screenshot. After a while, the young woman called and asked the insurance agent to immediately put 50,000 rupees into her account. But the insurance agent refused to pay the money. The girl then called him and threatened to go viral on social media. After the insurance agent’s refusal, the girl’s gang members started calling the person, becoming a criminal agent and agent. They threatened the man. They demanded money from him claiming that he worked in Delhi Cyber ​​Cell. The appellant informs the insurance agent that a case has been registered against him at the Delhi Cyber ​​Police Station. He should settle with the girl as soon as possible, otherwise the police will arrest him after reaching Patna from Delhi. He will have to go to jail. Still, the insurance agent disagreed. The girl then gives her account number to the insurance agent. Immediately ask the person to put money in it.

The girl and her gang then call the man about fifty times. But the person was not ready to give the money. Frustrated, the insurance agent filed a complaint against the girl and her gang at Patna Cyber ​​Cell. Now the police are taking action in this matter. Recently, many such cases have arisen in many areas of Bihar, in which people do not register cases with their honor in mind and are blackmailed. The case is currently under investigation by the police.

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