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Transgender actress and model hangs herself during video call with friend in Ernakulam

Cochin: A 26-year-old trans model was found dead in her rented flat in Kochi ward of Ernakulam district, Kerala on Tuesday. The deceased has been identified as Sherin Selin Mathew.

She was found hanging from a ceiling fan in her bedroom. The transgender suffered from depression due to personal differences with her friends. The deceased also filmed the act of suicide by herself.

One case of unnatural death was recorded. Police said they have opened an investigation into the case.

Police officials said once they arrived at the scene, they found Sherin hanging from the ceiling fan. Her cell phone camera suggested she had committed the act while video chatting with someone. It is said that the person Sherin was talking to informed the police that the deceased had taken the extreme measure.

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The victim Sherin was quite well known in the Ernakulam area. Sherin was originally from the neighboring district of Alappuzha but had been living in Ernakulam for a few years.

This is the fourth case of transgender suicide in the past two years. In 2021, a transgender radio jockey Ananya Kumari Alex was also found dead in her apartment in Kochi.