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What to talk about during a video call between lovers?

A love conversation should contain some tips that make it warm and more enjoyable. And, today, one of the easiest ways to communicate is to make video calls. For lovers, this is good news especially when you live far from each other. Find out here what to talk about during a video call with your lover.

talk about what you like

One of the ways to do this is to give compliments. Compliment something specific that you like about your partner. You can tell them that you can’t stop thinking about something in particular that you like. For example, you can talk about their personalities. Emphasize what you like and appreciate about her personality. You can say, “I love talking to you. You always crack me up. You can also complete their look by saying, “I can’t stop thinking about your eyes. I miss you.” Then talk about their talents. Say, “You kiss me so good, it drives me crazy that I can’t do it right now.

Talk about each other’s fantasies

During a video call with your lover, you can talk about things you want to explore with your partner and talk about what turns you on. If you’re not yet sexually active, and even if you are, having phone sex can be a new outlet to explore together. Sometimes the phone can be a great opportunity to talk about things that you might normally find difficult to talk about in person. So take this opportunity to learn more about each other. You can also talk about Jerkmate.

Talk about the dates you will continue.

You can talk about certain dates everyday. Things like how you want to go to the restaurant around the corner and snuggle up on the couch. Use this channel to also talk about your dreams, projects, etc. For example, you can plan a dream vacation together over the phone and let yourself dream a little. Where would you go if you could go anywhere? The beach? A cruise? Mountains? Also, a good way to increase sexual tension is to talk about what you’ll be doing later tonight. Tell your lover exactly what you plan to do. In detail.

Talk about the good times you had together

Talk about the first time you met or the first thing you noticed about your partner. It is one of the good ways to have a video call with your lover. This will prevent the conversation from being boring. Talk about the good dates you’ve had before or the great things you’ve done together. It’s always good to remember the early stages of your relationship together. Another thing is to reminisce about the things you did a few nights ago. Tell your partner what mind-blowing moves they have, to make sure they get repeated. It’s a good way to build sexual tension.

Talk about your hobbies

A great way to skip a phone date is to make a plan to do the same activity while you’re talking on the phone together. You can watch the same episode of your favorite TV show or a big game and talk about it while you’re on the phone. Try a recipe together and try to make it at the same time.

What to talk about during a video call between lovers?