WhatsApp chat filters to facilitate chatting; Know how they will work

WhatsApp chat filters will make chats more accessible. Know how WhatsApp Chat filters will work.

WhatsApp is about to test new features and tweak its user interface to make the chat experience more convenient. A few weeks ago, the instant messaging app released a new feature that allows users to view all starred messages and another UI change while making voice calls in the latest beta update of WhatsApp. And now, the Meta-owned messaging app has included a new button in the chat list. Known as “chat filters”, it will sort chat messages in a much better way.

The WaBetaInfo report reveals that the WhatsApp chat filters feature, which was already available for business accounts for Android and iPhone users, will now be available in the latest WhatsApp update. “The new button appears after installing the latest WhatsApp beta UWP 2.2216.4.0 update for everyone, and it allows users to filter their chats,” the WaBetaInfo blog mentioned. The report further explains that you will be able to use this new feature.

So, there will be four filters available for users – Unread, Contacts, Non-contacts and Groups. These will allow you to sort chats according to these filters:

Unread : You will be able to filter all your unread chats that will appear after selecting this filter.

contacts: With this filter, WhatsApp will allow you to see a list of all contacts saved in your contact list.

Non-contacts: All these unsaved chat numbers will be filtered out in WhatsApp. This way, you will be able to generate a list of all your unknown chats.

Groups: As the name suggests, WhatsApp will display a full list of all the groups you are in or have been to in the past.

However, to get this new feature, all WhatsApp beta users should make sure to update the app to the latest version. When the feature will roll out to non-beta users in the future is still unclear.