WhatsApp will introduce filters that will change your chat experience

WhatsApp plans to bring the Chat Filters feature to its platform, which will allow users to find specific chats using filters. It will allow users to search specifically for groups, contacts, non-contacts and more.

WhatsApp plans to bring the chat filter feature to its platform, which will allow users to find particular chats using filters.

WhatsApp had already introduced advanced chat filters on business accounts last year. The company plans to bring the same to its Android, iOS, and Desktop versions, according to a report by WABetaInfo. The chat filter option is only visible when you tap on the search option in business accounts, but it is reported that the option will still be visible in non-business accounts.

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According to the report, “WhatsApp makes it easier to find chats, contacts, uncontacts and unread groups. Standard WhatsApp accounts will also be able to use the same functionality in a future app update, but there is a Another difference: the filter button will still be visible even when you’re not looking for chats and messages.”

The chat filter option is in beta testing for desktop users of WhatsApp and it may not be long before WhatsApp releases it to the general public via an update. The company has easily introduced new features, updates, and improvements to its platform. Recently, WhatsApp added the option to send files up to 2 GB, add up to 512 members in a group, and improve its end-to-end encryption protocols.

WhatsApp said in a statement that “building private, safe and secure communities takes work and we believe this series of improvements will help people and groups stay close to each other.”