Whatsapp works on multiple phones, chat on tablet. Details here

Instant messaging app WhatsApp is working on a feature that would allow users to chat with the same account on multiple phones, or on a phone and a tablet, according to a screen found in a beta version of the app by the WABetaInfo site. The screen gives instructions to register the device you’re using as a “companion” by scanning a code with your primary phone – although currently there doesn’t appear to be an actual code to scan.

This development comes after WhatsApp recently released its multi-device feature on the WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS, it is currently working on several improvements to allow users to link another mobile device in the most recent version of the version. beta. This is a significant step up from the past where multiple devices could only be run through a desktop client or web browser.

According to reports from Mashable, WhatsApp seems to be developing a feature that will allow users to talk with the same account on different phones, or a phone and a tablet. The screen asks you to register the device you’re using as a “companion” by scanning a code with your primary phone, however, there doesn’t seem to be one to scan at this time.

Although it is currently unclear whether this feature will be available on iOS, but the priorities suggest that it will be available.

In November 2021, WhatsApp released Linked Devices in public beta and has been updating the app ever since. Although WhatsApp’s Linked Devices feature already allows users to use their account on a variety of devices, it currently only supports PCs as secondary devices and is ineffective for people with mobile phones and additional tablets.

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