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Why Your Mobile Device Context Matters for Productivity

When manufacturers embrace mobile technology in their workflows, their workforce tends to perform better, which improves productivity and efficiency. At the same time, if companies have distributed the workforce, they have additional requirements to work safely and at full capacity, said Joe Boyle, CEO of Truce Software, a provider of device management solutions. context-aware mobiles.

Consider the context of being in transit or making deliveries to be a very different experience than being in a highly secure facility. That’s why a mobile device must have the ability to recognize where an individual is and adapt the sensitive functions of its mobile devices to the situation, Boyle said.

In this screencast, Boyle argues that deskless workers use technology remarkably differently than those who use a desktop or laptop computer. The use of mobile devices, he said, is now integral to the productivity of this segment of the workforce, and manufacturers would be wise to understand the environments in which they operate.

“Contextual mobility management is about recognizing that when you use mobile computing, you typically use it in different ways than when you traditionally would have used it,” Boyle said. “You’re more likely to be on the go and you’re more likely to be multitasking. It’s the recognition that what’s happening around you should influence what can happen in your device.