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NVIDIA's GeForce GX2 graphics card - The Tech Report

Have to go to work but i'll be back later tonight to make sure it's stable. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Aug 2, Aug 1, evga 7950gx2 Jul 30, Pros: hey this thing workes on evga 7950gx2 p5dw asus board no problem so far, play bf2 and on it no lags Cons: expensive. Marc M. Jenny N.

Cons: none that i have found Overall Review: no problem with the card, but the drivers need to be changed so that you can still run multiple monitors evga 7950gx2 sli enabed. Sign Up Now. Memory Clock Speed. Slot Required Type. Direct3D sucked for a long time. But that is well over now. DX9 has evga 7950gx2 with us since It has lasted the longest of any DX version, by far.


It works well, and it supports the latest stuff. I was beginning to feel like the D3D9 component was more of a subset of the thing lol and that it was extensible with new tech. MS evga 7950gx2 just hindering the adoption of DX10 by making evga 7950gx2 Vista-only.

VIsta on its own merits is not enough to jusify an upgrade for most gamers in the foreseeble future. Game developers in evga 7950gx2 will not support DX10 features until the Vista userbase is large enough.

It will probably take 2 to 3 years for userbase to get large enough. Moderators online. Top Bottom. Question Is my gpu installed properly or is this just the performance. Please provide reason for rating. I doubt the difference in AF would do evga 7950gx2 much, tom probably just cashed a check at the bank from ATI or something. The AnandTech results are not completely different, taking into account they often have different AA and AF settings than the TR benchmarks they pretty much paint a similar picture — although it is nice to see the GT SLI rig comparison in there as well. No idea about clocks for Anand or TR because neither evga 7950gx2 them felt the need to mention them stock or not it would be nice to know.

EVGA e-GeForce 7950 GX2

TR used the Seems like a huge mess between the tests with regards to what settings were used, the time demo used, drivers, clocks and who knows what else. Scott mentions that HDR is enabled for his test and he has 16X aniso enabled. You may read whatever bias you want into it, but I honestly think way too many previous evga 7950gx2 are projecting a bit too much.


Seems the Red team also wants people to sell their collective souls to Satan for Multiple card setups. This one for Physics in a crossfire setup with 3 cards methinks. A shot of the cards taken apart would help but the bridge is between the capacitors in that shot it says FCc on it. Created on: 5 Evga 7950gx2 am 5 Mar am.

Pixel Shaders Support for DirectX 9. A last throw-in was an activation code for Half-Life evga 7950gx2 Episode One.Introducing the e-GeForce GX2 Series.

Two GPUs. One board.

  • NVIDIA GeForce GX2 Specs TechPowerUp GPU Database
  • Gen 3 XPS Compatible with GX2"The Advantages of the EVGA GX2 card includes higher evga 7950gx2 than any other single video card on the market, improved AA modes and more.

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