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YouTube is launching a new process to connect your mobile device to your TV experience

For years, social platforms have been trying to figure out how to maximize “second viewing”, or the use of mobile devices while watching content on your main TV screen at home.

Twitter has attempted to integrate tweets into the display, to capitalize on its leadership as a key destination for live event discussion, while Facebook has also sought to create new options that incorporate live events. and use in the application.

Maybe now YouTube has found the best way to do it.

As you can see from the example above, YouTube is rolling out a new feature that will allow users to connect their TV experience to their mobile device, so you can watch content on the big screen, while exploring video reviews, recommendations and more from your mobile app.

As explained by YouTube:

“Now your phone will sync with the TV, so you can directly interact with the video you’re watching from the comfort of your phone. This means it’s easier than ever to read video descriptions, leave comments , share the video with a friend, or support your favorite creators by super chatting or becoming a member, all while watching on the big screen.

It’s an interesting concept, but again, not entirely new. You’ve been able to do similar things on your mobile device for quite some time, although most people usually look to browse other apps and platforms while watching content on TV, instead of using their phone as an extension of their main screen experience.

Nonetheless, with over 135 million people now consuming YouTube content on their home TV screens, this opens up new opportunities, and it may well be that by essentially converting your phone into a YouTube-specific remote and making it easier advanced engagement, it could generate more interaction with YouTube content.

And you can test it yourself, right now:

“To try this, your phone and TV must be signed in to the same YouTube account. Open the YouTube app on the TV, then open the YouTube app on your phone and click “Sign In” in the prompt that appears. automatically displays.

Again, this may not be the ultimate solution that finally connects traditional and new forms of media consumption and maximizes engagement in the app. But it’s an interesting change, aligned with new viewing behaviors.

And that’s not all :

We’re already starting to test new designs for our video watch page to bring more unique YouTube features, like browsing and buying products featured in videos, right on the big screen to help you decide when pick up your phone and engage.”

YouTube second screen

A streamlined eCommerce based on your TV viewing behavior could drive more shopping activity and change the way people use the YouTube app.

It still feels like most people won’t embrace this process, because again, they’re usually browsing other apps to find out, for example, what other things an actor has been in, what people are saying on Twitter and this other thing is happening in other apps.

But it’s a worthwhile experience either way, and if YouTube can improve its product display listings and ads, and get users to engage more through the app, it could lead to new behaviors. ‘commitment.

It’s a worthwhile experiment either way, leaning into the growing use of YouTube on home TVs.

You can learn more about YouTube’s new TV integration process here.